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test, test, test

Hi folks,

while inbetween two bigger projects (that surely will leave no room for just "playing" around), I wanted to get my head into a new game. The idea was fresh, and highly motivated I started to code some samples in order to see if the flash player could handle it at all.

Nope, it couldn't.

The goal was to be able to move over a "3d" landscape, textured was my first plan, coloured is what I ended up with.

And no, it *wasn't* code excution speed. So two weeks were wasted trying different approaches to achieve the same result, but somehow failed. While the code took about 1 at a high rate 3 ms, flash's graphic renderer consumed between 30 and 90 ms.

As the stat's say the code is fast enough, I didn't see the point of moving to AS3, though it might make the whole thing possible - but for now I can happily ignore all the AS3 buzz and see that I get things done.


Anyway, I hope I be able to set up a little example swf, because the idea still isn't dead - it just needs some more thinking :)


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