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swfs. They just don't want to smell each others bums to say hello

The controller is well under development now, and over the weekend I hit the first real snag(s).

In the good old days when as1 was king, you'd create an movieclip and load your external swf into that, and then just call a function directly. Nice and easy.
In the slightly meaner days of as2 it's a bit trickier. Let's load the swf in, now where the hell is the main class that I need to get to ? Arse.

Now I'm sure there is an easy way to do it, a way I've totally missed, but this is the solution I've come up ( And it's as long winded as you like ).

I've made a CrossSWFInterface class, which the controller brings in and creates a new instance of. Now by being cunning I know that packages/ classes are placed in the _global name space when they're created. So, each loaded class just passes it's entry point singleton to the CrossSWFInterface class via _global, eg
And because the controller swf is the first one loaded, I know these methods are going to exist in _global by the time the loaded swf sends it's goodness to them.

Then by using static properites in the CSWFI class, the controller class can get all the info it needs from the loaded swf, and visa versa.

Now I'm sure there's got to be a easier, cleaner way, but it escapes me and we're badly up against the clock on this project, so it works and I'll happily admit I'm a dumb arse when someone explains how to do it correctly, but until then I'm happy with this approach.

I did mention snags at the start didn't I ? In my vain attempt to be a grown up Flash coder I use mtasc ( Which is so sexy ). The one issue with it I found this weekend was that you can only ever have one entry point to a swf ( ie, mtasc expects a class called "main" to be there, it's what it calls to run the code in the swf ). You can't change it to anything else, that's set in stone.
This is all cool normally, but I want to create seperate packages within my project file for the games themselves, but I can't have a different main class for each of them ( eg, main_game1 won't work. mtasc just wants main and nothing else will do ).



But this bad boy came to my rescue, hamtasc. Basically it's a "hacked" version of mtasc which allows you to define the entry point. Never has something so out and out geeky made me so happy.

I'm hoping tomorrow to have the controller in a useable state so I can start focusing on the game I've got to do ( "Souper Bowl". Tell me that's not genius ), so it'll load in and hand over control to the game etc.
I'm getting so close to doing something fun...


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