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The subject title is both the longest, and most perfect, variable I've ever written.

If I could do a whole game using vars like that, it would be like writing a book rather than a game. Bliss.

It seems build 4 was causing more people problems. I'm hoping it's 'cause I was a lazy boy and cut a few corners with the transition, which basically meant it was doing too much at once ( Although on all our test machines, not a single issue. Joy ).
Well that's been tidied up now so hopefully no more problems there.

The score is in, I think that was build 4 and I just forgot to mention it. It uses polling, so every x number of frames the game checks to see if the score actually needs updating.
The reason for this is that I'm using a dynamic text box for the score, which is really costly. Rather than update that more than is needed ( It's not the end of the world waiting a fraction of a second for your score to be updated ) I can just save up a couple of updates and then do them in one hit.
That's the theory, dunno if it makes any difference at all in real life ( ie, I don't know how often the score will increment when playing the game at the moment ).

Also today we've now got levels. Lazy, not tweaked at all levels, but you can complete level 1 and go to level 2 and that's good enough for me today.

One thing I've wanted since the start was a nice sexy rotating 3D planet in the background, that's partly why the skybox is there, so the planet has something to sit against.
Dropped it in today, and wow, it looks so cool. Slightly less cool was the massive hit on the fps. I'd added Gouraud shading because without it, it did look a bit of a pig, but the performance hit was too great.


Lots and lots of messing around later, and I had to call it a day on that idea, and look for a compromise. That came in the form of still using papervision to create a 3D planet, but to grab that into a bitmap and then overlay that on the skybox.
It's not as good as true 3D, and it's still not quite there, but it's going in the right direction.

As always, all the builds live here.


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