Gaming Your Way

May contain nuts.

I want it painted black

Firstly, thanks to everyone who played the demo over the weekend, the feedback has been excellent.

To celebrate the game finally going out into the wild I had a couple of lazy couple of days, just adding love here and there.

I think the title of this post gives away where I spent that time.

The fire effect was in the demo, but I wasn't quite happy with it, so I've exported all the frames with -60% brightness and now as the fire burns on we slowly reveal the darker frame ( Just by increasing it's alpha ).
It's a little change but it makes a big difference, it's good to show direct feedback to a players actions.

Now because re-exporting a ton of frames is just boring donkey work I treated myself to adding some ember particles rising up off the burning zombie.
Zombies are only going to catch fire when caught up in an explosion, which already triggers a ton of particles ( Maybe too many at the moment, I think I may be showing off a little with those and could perhaps cut them back ) so there's actually a delay before we trigger them embers to try and keep the performance high.
Also I think the embers will be dropped entirely if the game is running on mobile, on my iPhone 5 I'm getting a fairly good 30fps, my iPad3 is less and more variable, so eye candy like this can be optional depending on the platform.

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