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"Be as select in those you endeavour to please, as in those whom you endeavor to imitate. Without love of fame you cannot do anything excellent"

Sir Joshua Reynolds 1772.


X++, with the new name of cronusX, is live on today.

I'd like to thank everyone involved in it, especially Olli and all of you who took the time to provide great feedback here during it's development.

Enjoy the destruction


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  • jm

    7/9/2009 4:02:57 PM |

    fyi-- got hung up on lev 4 -- seems to be a bug.. where it wont finish out the stage. I am able to move around the screen, shoot, etc.. but nothing is spawning and it wont complete the level

  • Squize

    7/9/2009 4:19:05 PM |

    Thanks for the feedback mate. What's happened is there's an asteroid off screen somewhere. It's really rare, I've only had it happen a couple times in all the times I've played it.

    Basically the sprite has got zero velocity on either the x or y, and with it being off screen it can never get back on ( Unless you shoot it ).

  • Phil Peron

    7/9/2009 4:54:10 PM |

    Umm... WOW.

    You've raised the bar. I absolutely love this game. Congrats and great work!!

    (Ok, a bit more destruction before getting back to work...)

  • Squize

    7/9/2009 8:10:36 PM |

    Cheers Phil, hearing that vindicates a lot of hard work.

    Wait 'til we do a big game ;)

  • turbogto

    7/26/2009 1:22:19 AM |

    what is the song i have heard it in a movie and i cant rembmer where i heard it form

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