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Ye olde formular plotted in 3d trick

So after Squize was boring us with that grid, I thought it's time to give AS3 a go (finally).

While diving into the "new" AS version I also tried a new editor, I use(d) se|py for AS2, but felt the need to try something new editor wise, too.

I had a look at SharpStyle Neutron, a coding plugin for Visual Studio 2005 (imho one of the best coding environments), but as it's AS2 only (the current beta is able to handle AS3 it seems) so while it's great for AS2 it didn't help me on my current task ...

Another Editor I wanted to give a go was FlashDevelop. I instantly fell in love with the current 3.0.0 beta build. It feels like Visual Studio, it's fast and has some niffty, helpfull features.

So I did what I always do in a new language, I coded a 3d formular plotter, the idea reaches back to the good old c64 days, though, it took a whole night to render a way smaler version.

Anyway this is what I came up with during my first 2 hours of AS3:
plotter.swf (1,31 KB)

It's not that impressive, but it's fast (just used an onEnterFrame to show the plotting).

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