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Whoring ourselves again

We don't often pimp other peoples stuff. It's not that we don't like other peoples stuff, we just don't like other people.

But for the second time we're going to explain to you why you should be buying one of Marks games for your iDevice, and hopefully he'll finally return the negatives and we won't have to do this again.

Actually rather than explain, a couple of screen shots and then a quick bit of blurb should do it, so roll up roll up, for Lil Racerz < App Store link, it's nice to have a warning as it'll open iTunes and that's a real pain when you're not expecting it.



I was lucky enough to play it in beta form, and it rocked even way back then, but the final package has had so much more love and content thrown at it. A racing game either feels right, or it doesn't, and Lil Racerz does. Ignore the fact that I'm credited in it, or that we got sent promo codes ( Although after I'd already bought it, cheers for that. Tight ) it really is worth a couple of quid.

If you should buy it after reading this blog and think it sucks, then no worries, I can give you Marks address and you can direct your hate mail directly to him, so it's a win win.

< Update, Matthew linked to a youTube clip in the comments, so it more than makes sense to shove it in here, >


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  • Squize

    6/6/2010 12:05:44 PM |

    Good find mate, updated the main copy to add the link.

    Funnily enough I only popped by the blog to see what the name for the Bounder clone was :)

  • Matthew

    6/6/2010 12:51:40 PM |

    Excellent, shame you can't embed the clip and save everyone a link click...

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