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What's stuck in our pipeline ?

Figured it would be an idea to actually talk about Flash work on here for a pleasant change. I've been quiet of late as to be honest nothing much has been happening. I've been wrestling with box2D for one project, finishing off another and working on the TD as a personal release.

Here's a little grab from the National Geographic project ( I can't say anything more about it, NDAs = not the best subject for a blog post )


We've been hit with a lot of amends on this project, but it's all shaping up nicely. I believe it's going to be a CD only release, possibly making it online at a later date. So that's a game I can't talk about that you'll possibly never play. This is why I haven't been blogging much.

Next up is a game I've been doing with my mate Elliot at


Not the most gripping of screen grabs I know, but I think this could well be a bit secret too ( No NDA, but then no "Feel free to spill your guts about it" ). This is a box2D based game, and I'm not even going to start bitching about how hellish it is to get box2D to do something ( I did the pinball game way back, and so had forgotten everything I'd learned, which at the time was barely enough to get a ball moving with some flippers ).
I think it's going to be quite good when it's done, there is something pleasing about making cars crash for some primeval reason.

Both of these should be done and dusted by the end of the month.


This is the current build of Ionic, my TD game, which shows some nasty placeholder art for the turrets. The baddie shadow effects are in now, which I'm really happy with ( So happy I didn't actually manage to capture a grab of them in action ) plus some of the collision checks / shooting. One thing I added the other day is that little spiky drone just at the bottom of that top red box. That little drone, aside from needing to be scaled up and re-coloured, comes out of that open hatch on the far left there and collects any dropped coins when a baddie is killed ( See, he's heading for that obscured spinning gold G there ).

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, aside from that one, which needs a 1000 words to explain it. Not my greatest prtScn moment.

I'm not even going to put a release date on Ionic, it's done when it's done. It's not me being all "This is my art, don't you understand ?", it's me being snowed under with other things, so this is my down time project.


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  • King Baggot

    9/10/2009 10:57:16 AM |

    So you're making a smearing poo on dogs game too ! - Damnit you beat mine to the punch. I got bogged down doing the R&D uhhhhhhuhhuh...

  • Squize

    9/10/2009 2:58:37 PM |

    Hey silly stranger, how's it going ? You still Mousebreakers bitch ?

  • King Baggot

    9/15/2009 12:35:38 PM |

    hey Squeezebox - i am doing alright, but my adventures im ASS3 are about to be curtailed by my imminent arrival in Crown Court for jury service ! Just as i was about to 'have a go' at using flex like you big boys I get sent off to the beak.

    It's my second time too. SO UNFAIR etcetc.

    Have you seen adamatomic's game canabalt ? - I am most interested in how a game can run as fast as that. I thought by making the jump to as3 and using sprites, instantly all my stuff would play like Gunstar Heroes. I was DEAD Wrong.

    anyway, hope you are well. i still think about your snake story when i am smoking fags in the garden at night.

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