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What the hell happened to the weekend ?

Joy, Monday so soon.

Today was a bit of a reviewing where we're at day, as the game's producer and designer were back from Amsterdam ( Some casual game conference as opposed to a drugs fest ).

Got the locks ( Although they're now called switches as locks wasn't the best term for them ) in. There's a bit of an issue about the player collision with them as the original engine wasn't really designed to be pixel perfect for things like this, and it was a bit of a mare connecting each switch to each row of tiles, although I'm pretty pleased with the solution ( Short version. Each time a switch or bank of invisible tiles is plotted into the map they're given a "group" value to tie them together. When the player triggers a switch by shooting it, it fires off an event with the switches group number, which the invisible tiles are listening for. If it's a match, sweet, the tiles stop being invisible and appear. Quite simplified, it took a good hour or so for me to get my head around the best way to link two different objects like that without being able to link them via the map data ).

With a designer on board full time now, there have been some changes, the main one being the stage size, and therefore everything has been moved around to take advantage of it, which has thrown up a couple of problems.

Also we've got the first 3 levels in the bag. It's going to start nice and easy, but it's looking like the difficulty curve may be a bit sharper than we originally planned, which isn't a bad thing.

Finally, dropped in the gimme5 high score component. It meant ripping out some existing code 'cause I didn't realise the view hi-score option was a page re-direct rather than in the game ( Which I'm not a huge fan of to be honest ).
mtasc seems to be not liking it, so I can either hunt around to try and find out why, or just put the hs stuff off until right at the very end and then just publish the game via Flash rather than mtasc ( Which just kills my workflow, so it's something I'm loathe to do, so I'll put that off until after everything else is sweet ).

That's it, getting closer.


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