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What smells of lamb and loves pizza ?

We're having multiples here. Multiple reasons to be happy that is.

Most of them are to do with the World Cup, but here's one which isn't. Our first game for the very lovely people at Aardman went live mere hours ago.

Shaun's Big Lunch


It's a reskin of sorts of PhotonStorms' Quartet game. I'm really pleased with how it turned out especially due to a pretty aggressive time scale and it being our first live project with Aardman. There are usually workflow issues when working with new teams for the first time, but this was silky smooth, great work from all those guys there, and the assets are as good as you'd expect, just stunning and a joy to work with.

And isn't it nice to actually release a game rather than just talking about it. I'm hoping this is going to be the start of a fairly steady stream of new releases which we've got penciled in, next up should be Destroy More Cars, then Game'88, our swanky new Facebook game and then a couple more secret ones, not to mention a little something in Unity at last.

It's nice to have the next couple of months planned out, it really helps give us some focus and direction. Now enough from me, go and eat, eat like you've never eaten before.


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  • Lawrie

    6/25/2010 9:01:36 AM |

    Love it! Great job guys. The team at Aardman have made it look amazing too. Looking forwards to your other projects.

  • Squize

    6/25/2010 9:56:07 AM |

    Cheers mate. It was so nice getting the assets from Aardman, it's like "Sweet, I get to play with these".

    If you've got an iDevice check out the original, Quartet, it's free and obviously plays 99% the same.

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