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Well that's forced my hand

Great day, Geometry Wars2 is out today ( And I've nearly nailed the collision routines in the arkanoid "style" game I'm doing at g5games, but I digress ). Regular readers will know I've been working on Orbs forever now, which is inspired by the GWars look and feel, so I've been keen to check the sequel out ( For the whole week or so since I heard it was coming )

800 points later, and wow. It's sex.

When you shoot a baddie, it drops a geom ( Correct me in the comments if I've given that the wrong name ). When you get close to them, they get sucked towards your ship.

Hmmm, just like the credits I coded the other day in Orbs.

Also there are new things, called "gates" ( Corrections always welcome :) ), where you can shoot them and your bullets rebound to kill baddies. It even keeps track of how many rebound kills you've got.

Hmmm, just like when you shoot the orb and it rebounds and kills a baddie.

Arse. For fear of Orbs coming out and everyone just pointing the finger of copy catness, it's forced my hand ( Yeah the title makes sense now, these posts aren't just thrown together you know ) to release a demo sooner than I'd rather.
Hopefully by Saturday we can have some particle porn up here. I'm just thankful that Bizarre haven't got Pong in the pause mode.


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  • nate

    8/4/2008 5:31:58 PM |

    Everyone copies everyone.  There isn't that much originality out there so of course people are going to say you are ripping off Geometry Wars.  Also, Geoms were in Geometry Wars Galaxies, which came out quite some time ago.  Gates however were not in that version.

  • Squize

    8/6/2008 7:31:55 PM |

    Geoms were in GWars "Waves", which was hidden-ish in PGR4. I knew I'd picked up the idea from somewhere :S

    Thanks for the encouraging words.

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