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Week III

I was in two minds about posting this, the past week or so have all been about Outpost:Swarm so DN8:Pulse hasn't progressed much, but I've had a stupidly productive day today so take my hand as we talk about new things.

As you can see baddie bullets are in now. They didn't take long at all as I'm lifting so much code from the original DN8 its almost obscene. To test how well the game copes I just get each baddie shooting a bullet every frame, and even with all those bullets with a blendMode we're not dropping a frame. Nice.

I added the floating points to the game the other day, updated the skybox to make it more colourful, altered the baddie explosion particles ( I spent hours on Friday doing that, and the end result was just dog shit, I mean really bad, so I ripped it all out and started again ). Last night that little planet in the background you can see there gained a ring ( A sphere with it's z scale set to 0.1, then rotated around ).

Today after the baddie bullets I've been working on the level progression code, and it's nearly there, and to celebrate I nailed down level 1's attack waves, so that level is officially done. It's amazing how one good days coding can give you a real lift.

And I think that's enough for Pulse this week, more soon...


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