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Vector Bobs

Another quick break down of an effect in 651.


On paper this is quite impressive, 500 3D objects with depth of field running over a skybox. In real life, it's not exactly rocket science.

Although we used Papervision in 651, we didn't for the effect itself ( Just for the skybox, which uses the background from Orbs as it's texture ).

We start by creating the 3D objects and giving them random x,y,z coords ( For the very best introduction to 3D movement in Flash check these excellent tuts on Kirupa, everything you need for an effect like this is there ).

Right, we're spinning some objects around in 3D space, what about the depth sorting ?
This is just between us right ? It's not going any further ?
Ok then. We just don't bother. It's a very old trick ( I remember doing it back on the Amiga ). If the vector bobs are translucent enough, it's pretty hard to tell if they're not being z-sorted correctly. Looking at that grab above quickly I can't see anything too wrong in terms of sorting, and even if there was, the bobs would all have moved in the demo before you really notice it.
By dropping the sorting we've got more cpu power for more objects, and the more the merrier.

Next up, depth of field. Such a buzzy thing in Flash atm. We all know it's only a blur filter, but depth of field sounds so much cooler. To avoid an extra hit we pre-calculate each blur frame, we're not blurring in real time. Or even using the blur filter itself as it's all done in PaintShop Pro ( And each frame is imported into Flash ).
Each bob is a movieclip ( Which feels very old school already ) and when we're calculating the scale ( Based on it's z property, ie how close or far away from the camera it is ) we can also gotoAndStop() to the correct level of bluriness.

So to recap, the 3D code can be found in some great tuts, there's no z sorting, the depth of field is gotoAndStop and the skybox was done in about 10 lines of code. Drop a nice image over the top of some scanlines and it's all done.

It may seem like I'm talking the effect down quite a bit. I'm not really, it looks sweet, I just don't like people acting like their code is l33t and they're so clever for doing it. Smoke and mirrors is as good a technique as clever code, and there's not always a need to mystify everything.

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