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Underwear fun

We've become a bit lazy here just linking to other peoples stuff and pimping iPhone games. It's partly because we're in the usual state of NDA-ness that means we can't talk about a lot of things ( Such as the great, but very crunch heavy, project we're doing for National Geographic right now ) and partly 'cause all our friends are doing great things which deseve a pimp.

So this is going to be the last one for a while, but it's a great one to go out on. Our friends over at urbaniacs have released their first iPhone game. Want to hear more ? Yeah you sure do.

This is a port of Wedgie Toss 2 ( You can play it on their site right now ), where apparently 14 million wedgie's have been snapped out.


Look at Stephen Colbert there, oh Stephen how your faux right wing views make me giggle. But I'm going to pick an angle and twang your pants on this fun and yet surprisingly cheap iPhone game ( £0.59, which I guess is $0.99 to the 65% of our readers. See how I tie all our posts together ? When it's done it's all going to make sense, a novel in the form of a blog, with a twist at the end which will blow you away ) which is available here.
Also look where I left a tiny part of the edge of the logo at the top left on that cropped image which I'm too lazy to sort out, but is really bugging me already. How can I take my mind off that, short of playing the game itself ? Another grab should do it,


Look at him go! That's a grace you don't see very often, although you could see it any time if you buy the game, for a tiny $0.99 right here.

Two great games in a week or so, it's never been a better time to buy an iPhone. Well, not right now 'cause the new ones coming out, and let's face it you'll be pissed if you just get the current one.

And on that note, I think I've strained my pimp muscle, so you young 'uns go play whilst I get back to work.


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