Gaming Your Way

May contain nuts.

Two of the best little words in the world

"Free bar", "Lesbian twins" and "Signed off".

All perfect phrases, but only one of them is making me smile right now.

Yesterday Souper Bowl was signed off. Sweet.

Really pleased with it actually, it's only a small little game ( But then they all are in this project ), but it plays pretty well and looks great thanks to marmotte jumping in at the 11th hour to reskin it.

At present we're looking ok-ish to hit the deadline. I'm in that fluctuating mood, where every hour it swaps between "Yes, we're actually going to make it", and "Cocking hell, we've got no chance, my to do list looks like War and peace".
The controller is looking good to go, I've got one major thing left to do for the beta delivery tomorrow, then I've got the w/end and Monday to add things like send to a friend and set up the translation handling code correctly.

Also tonight I'm going to dive in and help with the skinning up of "Holding the baby", Olli's painting game, whilst he attempts to get "High Jinx" into a fit state to wow the crowds.

Lot's and lots to do, but feeling almost do-able.


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