Gaming Your Way

May contain nuts.

...Tuesday's grey and Wednesday too...

Well my days being split in two carries on.

During the day I'm working on the Arkanoid game for gimme5, evenings it's back to GMM. I can only say thank God both of these are coming to a close at roughly the same time 'cause it's so nasty working on two projects at once ( I equate it to writing two different novels at once ), not just in terms of swapping and changing ( as2 to as3 to as2 ) but the sheer number of hours a day I'm working on them.

Most of yesterday was spent on the g5 game. Myself and Ronnie the tech. lead at g5 spent hours nailing down the server side intergration for the level saving / swapping. That's nearly done, and I'm really hoping with one final push tomorrow it'll be done for good.

Between that I was adding all the speech to the game, and it works really well in place. Today was more of the same and clearing off some of the really obscure bugs. The To Do list for that is finally going down.

Last night on GMM was spent adding sounds too. Thankfully the client sent me a zip with pretty much all of them in there, and they're all pretty spot on, which is great.
It was also nice using my as2 SoundHandler class again, the one in as3 is very make shift at best, the as2 has been built up over the years and is so easy to use and does everything I want ( For example, sound.setPanDistance() calculates the mc's position in relation to the center of the screen and sets the pan accordingly ).

Pretty much a whole day doing sounds for both games then. This morning ( Before starting back on Arkanoid ) I managed to finish off the instructions for GMM. Not hard work, but lots of fiddly aligning and just boring really.

I think tonight I'm going to try and knock up a couple more levels for GMM. Only level 1 is done so far, so getting a couple more done will be good, and it's a break from actual coding. I'll be able to test it a lot whilst making sure the level plays well so the to do list will grow ( It's always the way, when a project is coming to the end you find you'll delete one thing off your list but find at least another 2 to add to it ).

I'm just going to be a bit self indulgent, not for the first time I know. I hope I'm not the only person who's wanky enough to google themselves. Well I googled "Gaming your way" and was wrapped to see we've "made" it on google.


Check us out all indexed. Ok it's only the blog, the site itself seems to be as popular as the plague, but it's just a place for us to whore ourselves in a grown up way ( "In terms of traffic it has more than met their expectations" all nice and nu-media friendly )

After that, I thought sod it, let's see what "Squize" brings up. I came second, the top entry being

"I masturbate weirdly. I squize my hips with my hand in the middle. Even with my panties on... Weird?
Anyone else does that? I'm 13..."

I ( For once ) just couldn't make it up. That's my sails deflated, 2nd to a 13 year not knowing how to frig.

I guess there will be more of the same crap, just worded differently, tomorrow.


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  • Jeff Fulton

    9/24/2008 10:31:18 PM |

    "I masturbate weirdly. I squize my hips with my hand in the middle. Even with my panties on... Weird?
    Anyone else does that? I'm 13..."

    New Flashkit signature line?

    On the Google front,  they have 8bitrocket indexed also. It makes the hard work seem worth it when you find things like that, doesn't it?

  • tonypa

    9/25/2008 9:24:10 AM |

    Had to Google up myself of course... Thankfully I am safe, no nasty surprises there :D

  • Squize

    9/25/2008 9:31:25 PM |

    Ha, that would be the best sig ever, although I think it would be the quickest banned sig ever.
    Yeah I noticed that 8Bit had been indexed a while ago which impressed me at the time. Your Alexa rank is nice and high ( Low ? ) too, keep it up mate, hit that 3 million uniques a month mark and that's when the advertising pays your rent rather than just paying for your newspaper.

    Tonypa after you googled yourself I had to see too. Ha, that's mental, it's just a whole front page all about you. When it comes to google you're like the Paris Hilton of the Flash scene ;)

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