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Toxic Shock

After what seems forever "Professor Sauernoggin and the Landfill of Doom!" is live. Hurray!


My first ever platformer! ( Well, Loved Up was technically launched first, but it was built on this game ).

A huge thanks to everyone involved for making it what it is ( Marmotte for the always great art, RayB for doing such an excellent job in the project managers role, Matt for the bouncy tune and Olli for the server side stuff that means you can see your hi-score and get a discount on candy if you finish the game! Nice ).

Just to caveat it a little, it's for 6-16 year olds, so it's not hard core, and as with all things Flash, play it in IE ( Firefox will just give you the "Playing in treacle mix" ). There are seperate html pages coming any day now which use the wmode trick for IE users to make it play even smoother.

Happy Easter everyone, now go play my beauties, play.


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  • mike

    3/23/2008 11:59:40 AM |

    the graphics are nice but the gameplay is boring. the prof moves way too slow and you can´t even jump on the enemies to smash em or get em down in any other way,that sucks. I only played for several levels because i wanted to see the graphics of later levels. also the best animaation is when you´re bruning,you should have added way more of that.

  • Squize

    3/25/2008 2:36:31 PM |

    Thanks for the feedback Mike.

    As I've said elsewhere, the platformer genre is just so vast that we could never have included everything that we could have possibly wanted.
    Also we're slaves to the clients. Early on it was decided that the Prof should die in lots of different / amusing ways. Being able to kill the baddies would have limited that.
    Plus with him being a bit of an old boy we couldn't really have him sprinting around as such, which limited his speed. Again with that, the target demographic meant that the game couldn't be too twitchy, which limited the players speed somewhat.

    In saying that, I've found it is too slugish in FireFox, in IE it plays a lot closer to how it should.

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