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Today is a good day

Sometimes it's just nice to celebrate the good things, so I'm going to be self indulgent and do just that.

Ionic got a great review at JayIsGames the other day, ok the score wasn't the greatest, but we can live with that, it's not the most usual of games and falls slightly between two stools. I'm proud of it and still enjoy playing it, so anything else is just a bonus. It's also doing quite nicely in terms of traffic, not huge numbers but a good steady amount each day, and we've not overly pushed the distribution yet.

Zap ( App Store link, or video preview ) was cited as an example Flash CS5 app at FITC,


Thanks to @kdsh7 for the photo

So it's not always the dark picture we usually paint, some days it's worth waking up for.

On the subject of Zap I guess I should post some of the things we learned about exporting to the iPhone with CS5 in the next couple of days, as it will be handy for everyone come the day of launch.


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