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The owl men are here, and they're hungry.

Figured it was time for an update on my new game, "Outpost". Let's clear the air right from the start, it's heavily inspired by the Amiga version of Alien Breed. There's no point refuting it, and I'm only going to get it thrown in my face, so let's be upfront. It's a homage. That's the nice term for a clone.

I'm currently using a mixture of ripped and place holder art, so I'm a little loathe to show in-game shots right now, here's the title screen ( Which obviously gives no indication of how the game plays ).


So we've got Away3D lite running a nice looking model, kindly donated by our mate BlinkOk.

In terms of the feel of the game, I'm going for a survival horror feel to start with, rather than it being an out and out shoot'em up.  That means there's a slow build up which doubles up as a tutorial. I'm slightly worried about this and it's unusual for a Flash game, the over riding rule is that you have to grab the player as soon as possible, and I'm kinda going against that.
I'm hoping that the set up sucks people in long enough to stick with the game and then we can go from a slow burner atmospheric build to an out and out battle for survival. If I'm going to fail, it's better to do it spectacularly.

Most of the tutorial is in now, and I think all the set pieces for level 1 are in place, so now it's just throwing data at the first level to see how it feels all together. It's set up so in theory I could release a 1 level demo, which I'm quite tempted to do, maybe as soon as this Friday. We'll see, with it not graphically finished I'm a little loathe to do it although having feedback about the pacing would be good.

Anyway, that's a post where I don't really say much. More nothingness soon.


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