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The good things in life aren't for free ...

Let's start with a little rant.

So there are all these shiny things you can do with css, alas they might not work in all the browsers, knowing what works (or to know how to fake/correct it) is for me some sort of art form. I'm not even talking about the possibilites of JS and DOM based development.
But I do believe that there is something utterly wrong with css in parts if there are people out there (thanks guys) who devote a damn good deal of time to write bloody FRAMEWORKS so that you can do something as trivial as a 3 colum layout. It gets worse if you want a header and a footer - alas not a footer that is always BELOW each of the 3 columns and not just the main column).

I needed to get that out.

What else? Ah the redesign - yet again - what first seemed a good idea, wasn't that good when done. Back to start then. (Meanwhile we just continue here.)

Speaking of things that seemed to be a good idea ...

Last time I wrote about the map format used for the current game (or that I'm thinking about it) the last one I had seemed to be a good idea too. I guess I can say that I was wrong :) .

My first idea was to a tilebased map and to create it from the dungeon data I've got out of the dungeon creation code. Basically I wanted to convert each cell into an 6x6 piece of tiles, so there could have been a wall 1 tile wide and so on.
This worked quite well until I had the idea that I don't need a tile based map at all and just could plot the floor of a cell in one go (as for the new idea I don't needed walls in the tiles) - this worked also quite well.

I could reduce the code needed to convert the dungeon by some 75% - and was quite please with the outcome as it was also quite fast, the scroller needed to plot less tiles and everybody was happy, I used simple vector math for wall/door/trigger collision tests. Untill ...

While recoding the converter there was a nagging feeling that I forgot something, that I *needed* the tile information for something and right just as I finished the converter I dwaned on my why I wanted to use them in the first place - pathfinding.


I know I could use nodebased pathfinding or some other utterly clever method (I've got heaps of books about that) but honestly there is nothing as simple as a tilebased pathfinding ... so I'm adding a simple tile map info back in (using a bool map). Joy.

Well, good thzat I haven't just deleted the old code ...


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