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"TV and the Internet are good ...

... because they keep stupid people from spending too much time out in public."
― Douglas CouplandJPod

I wonder what spambots will make out of that.

Anyway, it's Sunday again and time for the weekly post. Problem is, there's nothing even remotely game-related to write about. I spent most of the time coding a client project and let me tell you: writing an e-mail verification system is oh-so-shit boring. Plus keep in mind: never underestimate the user to do something really bone-headed when presented with a simple form.

What's not to understand with "username, 8 to 16 characters, allowed are letters A-Z, numbers, minus or underscore, do NOT use ä,ö,ü,ß"? You know it when you've got the first one on the phone telling you "I can't enter my username - it's 'Hans Müller' " ...

Ok, to make this post just a tiny bit useful: what about using a cloud based sync and Unity projects?

I for instance gave up on the idea to store a Unity project directly in the Skydrive folder (but it's the same for Dropbox, google drive, ... whatever). The problem is that unity creates a shitload of temp files whenever you change code and it recompiles it. For me it worked for some time, but then it choked and resulted in missing files.

But I wanted to sync my current Unity project between 3 computers without using an USB Drive, the obvious and quite simple idea was: use 7zip and a batch file (two actually). I use 7z as it has a nice command line version and it creates a slightly better compression than zip and I can't stand rar.

So when starting to work I hit the "unzip.bat", which deletes the local project  and then unzips the project from the cloud (and starts Unity afterwards). When done for the day it's "zip.bat", which zips the local project and moves it to the skydrive folder. It really is a no brainer, but it saves a good deal of traffic and time - 26mb (7zip) instead of 157mb (uncompressed, ~4500 files) or 38mp (zip) ...

I'm going back to code some game related stuff tonight so at least I have something for next week.

-- Oliver (nGFX)

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