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Son of SICO

More tinkering with Air, and SICO now has a front-end


The reason for me firing this old project up again was covered in a comment in the last post. Basically the GYWEncrypt app is only as strong as the code decrypting it, so I wanted to mess the source code up for that process as much as possible.

Now this is beta, and it could break. A couple of things to take note of are:
* It doesn't bother messing with local vars. Unless I'm totally mistaken Flash doesn't save local var names anyway, so
var heresMyUltraSecretPassword:String="fistedNun";
won't show up in the source anyway ( Well, not as literally as that ).
* There are some white space issues I want to sort out, although the messed up file does rip out comments so it should result in a smaller file-size. In theory you'll never be looking at the messed up output, it's just that it's bugging me it not quite doing what I wanted ( It's the design tart in me ).
* It doesn't yet ( If ever ) handle lines like
private const var heresMyUltraSecretPassword:String;
The same may apply for private static vars too.
* Because of oop it can't do anything to public functions, as by default your public function are just that ( It only works on 1 file in isolation not a whole project ). If you want that, shell out for this instead.
* I've really not tested it to death. As with most home grown apps it's a case of "It works for me".
* On the Air installer it shows up as unsigned publisher blah, blah, blah. It doesn't do anything naughty at all, it's not going to format your hd or d/load porn in the background. If you don't trust it / me, then fair enough don't d/load it.
* Never ever ever save over your original code. May sound stupid me saying that, but I feel I need to. The filename is saved with an extra ".", so even if you should screw it up it'll be saved as
But please don't risk it, call the file for peace of mind.

What would be really cool would be if anyone testing it has any problems if they could post the original code snippit and the broken output in the comments. I'm guessing there are going to be issues ( It really depends on how many if this ever gets out of beta or not, if the world and his dog have problems then I'll just open source it and be done with it. If it's only minor stuff then it shouldn't be a problem fixing it up ).

If this all goes well ( It's sweet for me ) then the next couple of days should see GYWEncrypt finished too, although we're not sure what we're going to do with that yet.

Here's the link for the air file, thanks in advance for giving it a bash 21k

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