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Some boring numbers

Lost Outpost went gold the other day ( I should really have mentioned that here shouldn't I ? ) and it's currently waiting for sign off with the sponsor, so I thought let's go through some numbers just to try and show why it's taken forever to finish.

For the 10 levels ( Plus 5 Swarm levels ) we use 396 tiles, or 1,653,371 bytes worth. When compiled all the levels come in at 2,232,249 bytes.

99% of the images have been converted to png8 to save file size ( All done by hand ) which come in as 1510 images, or 17,942,059 bytes ( This includes the tiles ).

We have 272 sound effects ( Including 7 pieces of music ), when published as a swc that's 5,547,127 bytes. To give it a bit of perspective, Outpost:Haven was our most sound heavy game before this, with 158 sounds. There are 10 different shell casing sounds, an additional one just for shot gun shells, 3 different samples for a crate being shot and 12 vocals for the automated announcement system on Haven.
I went a little bit crazy with the sound I think.



In regards the source, this is more vague. Not so much the numbers themselves, I'm not just making them up, but the meaning of them. When someone says they've coded something and it's taken 2000 lines, it doesn't really mean shit as everyone codes differently. Personally I'm murder for lots of white space and for using a Class for everything ( I've been told I'd break one line out into it's own class if I could, which aside from making me laugh is very close to the truth ).
So yeah take the following with a pinch of salt, it's quite meaningless, hence me comparing the code in Lost Outpost to Outpost:Haven's as a kind of benchmark ( I can only compare my own code to my own code as my style if fairly consistent  ).

Outpost:Haven had 266 Classes, taking up 2,304,945 bytes. This includes 27 Classes that weren't mine, general utility stuff.

Lost Outpost uses an unbelievable 425 Classes, 4,317,541 bytes. That's fucking insane. Oh hang on it's not too bad, the same 27 Classes that weren't mine in Haven are included in that figure too. So less than 400, that's nothing...

30 unique physics objects ( Crates, desks etc. ), 133 "Non-Baddie" items. These are items which the baddie handler routine controls, but aren't strictly baddies, so it goes from the spinning fan shadow to music triggers to flushable toilets to the medi-packs you collect etc. 6 Classes are for the hidden game ( With it's assets coming in at a mere 255k ) and a majestic 37 Classes for all the particle effects, with 9 of those being various smoke effects. The overkill for the particles was for performance reasons rather than me over engineering for the sake of it.

The in-game terminals were a mere 3 Classes, although they came in at more than 4000 lines of code ( I guess if you deleted all the white space and comments, that would be about 40. I'm joking, but not by much ).

PDA, which is the inventory, maps and the log screen, was a mere 14 Classes but had more code than all the particle effects combined.

And I've started to bore myself, so it's time to stop. Just to recap, Lost Outpost is a huge fucking game which should equate to over an hours worth of total story play time.


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  • Nomad

    11/24/2013 7:31:29 AM |

    I like your site, you should share your stuff on Snaglur and get more traffic to it.

  • Fuego

    12/2/2013 11:51:18 PM |

    I'm sorry I haven't been more active and left you alone for so long, Squize. I shouldn't have left you for so long - you're starting to overheat in my absence. Hahaha!!
    Just kidding, man. Great job on going gold and congrats on your work. I checked on maxgames, you have a 92 pct rating there.

    • Squize

      12/4/2013 8:48:14 PM |

      Ha, see what happens when I'm left alone ? :)

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