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Saved from the fire

I was just chatting to a mate, and "The Game of Life" came up. Not the official one, but the copyright name infringing version we did ( I've obviously held onto the email where the client said we should use that name and that they were fine with it. I don't know if that will stop me from ending up in prison and being a bad mans boyfriend, but I'm hoping so ).

As I was digging out the link to show him I was really disappointed to find that tak are no more. I've worked with Dom on quite a few pitches, and of course GOL, and it's a real shame to see an agency that always produced great work having / choosing to close it's doors.
I consider him a mate and would work with him tomorrow, so we just want to wish everyone there luck with their future endeavors.

Obviously this blog wouldn't be this blog without a healthy streak of self interest. There are two versions of GOL, one is the final one the client got, and one is the version without all the last minute dog shit branding that we were forced to put in that made a lot of hard work look just dreadful.
We really don't know if the client version ever saw the light of day. It was one of those "We need it now!" projects that then gets sat on for months. As far as we know it was just going to be an internal release for employees only. About 10 people may have played it, we really don't know.
The good version, where we didn't have to rip out a lot of the surrounding graphics and resize it and drop a huge ugly gif banner in, was only hosted by Tak ( This is where the self interest comes into it ).

Luckily I kept a copy of the pre-de-flowered version, and we're hosting it ourselves now.

Long old story about nothing really there, I could just have easily tweeted a link.

Speak of which, Game Of Life.


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