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Playing media on the Wii

It's so long ago I've posted something that it's untrue. It may be because there was nothing much to say during that time, that is projects not really game related or so absurdly NDA protected that even to mention the general direction would be ... well expensive.

You surely remember my last (!) post where I have a bit of a rant about the media capabilities of the Wii (still no games on it for me, though). Right now this neat piece of hardware sits beneath the TV left of it's bigger and way more often used brother the xbox 360. All I do with it (you remember: playing Wii Sports after a lot of coding) is using it as TV based web browser.

Webbrowser ... well that brought the idea.

(OK, that and the fact that we had some friends here and wanted to look at some photos from the last party. One of them (a "no gamer") asked if there would be some music to play along and I had to admit that it's not working anymore (due to the glorious photo chanel update))

So inspired be the fact that I got the 360 playing my mp3/fotos/movies from my pc in no time, I started to set up a small test environment webpage on my local IIS to see if I could use the browser to browse my pc's hdd. And of course it works.

So I wrapped the output with some XML and viola I had a flash 7 swf that I could use to browse the directories on my pc. Well done.

The only drawback atm is the fact that there has to be a webserver running ... I guess you can't convince most people to install an IIS on their PC to get some media on the Wii. After a few minutes of thinking it came to me that I could write my own - or better integrate cassini (an open source micro webserver) - to host the services for the Wii ...

Well, let's see where that leads to ...


[edit] just found this while hunting for informations about the Wii browser flashplayer ...[..]flash-7-and-not-8-or-9

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  • knarfd

    1/22/2008 11:57:57 AM |

    This sounds pretty interesting. I thought the WII Browser had no flash at all but it seems I was wrong. Any Source?

  • nGFX

    1/22/2008 12:49:23 PM |

    The Wii browser supports flash 7, so it'll be a bit limited from a flash 9 user's viewpoint, vut it's better than nothing.

    If you mean source as in sourcode, sorry, there is none right now (except an xml loader in an swf with a textbox to enter the querystring (command) into ...)

    I'll post the underlying aspx page later this week (here too isn't much except an import for IO and a for/each to iterate over the drives/dirs)


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