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Old news already ?

I was going to post about my experiments with Pixel Bender the other night, but I guess this tiny bit of news warrants more of a mention first.

Don't look at the picture below, don't! Now, what would be the coolest platform you can imagine having your as3 games running on ?

You looked at the picture first and spoiled it didn't you ?

So before the net that talks about Flash is awash with the news, and it's all we ever hear about again, get your fill here: Flash Platform Extends to the iPhone


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  • Porter

    10/5/2009 8:48:16 PM |

    Well that's pretty awesome, new news to me. I wonder how bad the restrictions are they speak of, I'm wondering how simple games would have to be to effectively run. Thanks for sharing kind sir.

  • Squize

    10/5/2009 8:51:03 PM |

    I think it was only announced an hour or so ago, it's just that twitter seems to exploded over it ( Me too to be honest :) ).

    Check out the thread at FGL mate, as those guys have had hands on experience already, with a spot the difference game available in the app store right now.

  • Squize

    10/6/2009 11:13:13 AM |

    Oh Porter I forgot, thanks for the mention of Destroy All Cars on your blog the other day :)

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