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  • Jeff Fulton

    11/7/2008 12:00:11 AM |

    This is first time the guy I voted for actually won!

  • Squize

    11/7/2008 2:17:11 PM |


    As I've said elsewhere, as an outsider I can't help but find it amazing that until the actual vote it was so closely fought.

    Politics in the States seems so polarised it's untrue. I remember when Hillary lost, so many of her die hard supporters were saying they'd vote for McCann, wtf ?
    People would actually vote the complete opposite of their beliefs because they didn't get the candidate they wanted.

    Here we were all amazed when Bush got back in ( Actually when he won first time ), and so were worried the same thing would happen this time, esp. after the Palin bounce.

  • Jeff

    11/7/2008 8:53:41 PM |

    The Hilary supporters mostly went with Obama. We have a pretty even split in this country between social conservatives - Most good church going folks that are scared out of their wits of anything they don't understand and social liberals - Mostly good church or non-church going folks who simply don't like the government telling them how to live their personal lives. That's about 35% v 35%. The other 30% are people who are a little of both (me) and who also might base their voting decisions on economic and other factors (also me). I was in line with 70% of everyone else when Bush fooled us into Attacking Iraq, waving the flag and yelling GET SOME to our Marines. But, after reading about what was really happening there, and how we were really fucking everything up, I decided that it was a bad idea to be there. I am certain that most of us in that 30% felt the same way and moved to the other side, while the hard-nosed 35% on each polarized side never wavered in their initial support.  

    The same goes for Obama. He was able to get just enough of that middle 30% to win. The other portion either didn't agree with him, or was scared into not voting for him. (his name being a major factor, not just his race)

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