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New game pimping time again

This time it's one of ours! Seems like forever since we've had something of our own to talk about ( There will be another game on the 9th of July to mention too, but more of that nearer the time ).

AQI Zoneout is the fella this time.


It's a really quite good puzzle game that I worked on for our friends at ( Check their demo reel out, seeing that really made me want to work with those guys )

It was a slightly weird development process for me, as I broke off before the game was actually finished for various asset related reasons, so that in combination with it already been planned out really well beforehand stops it feeling like it's mine, it's more something I worked on rather than made, if that makes sense.

As a project though, it was a real joy and a real pleasure to get to work with ickydime on a game together, you couldn't ask for a better go-between at a company, and the work that was done to the game after it left my sticky fingers has really raised it up, there's a lot of love in there.

I was asked as part of this pimp to also mention Miles design who were the agency for the project, Fat Atom who did the sweet php magic so you can see your name on the high-score table and of course who are the end client.

That's more than enough words, give it a go, it'll help eat into your Friday before home time, hurray!

[ Update, it's now on Kong and NG. So if you don't want to play it on it's nice custom page, go to either site and look at the ads whilst you play ]


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  • ickydime

    7/3/2009 11:04:24 PM |

    thanks for the pimpin squize.  you were a joy to work with as well. really great work throughout.

    I'll save my full sentimental message till this weekend.  I plan on dropping it on some portals sunday and doing a little write up.  

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