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To quote from yesterdays post "I'll be adding the rest of the baddies in one big hit, which should be fun."

Oh dear.

Today has been spent adding the mutated Rabbit ( I'm 35 and writing phrases like that ). I was struggling with what to do with him, as I've been told we've not got any budget left for animation and we've only got running frames, so... he now fires lazer beams from his eyes. As mutated rabbits do.

I think I've written far too many shooting routines as it didn't take long at all ( Worked first time too, aside from some alignment issues ).

So pushed on and added a bird baddie, who throws stones at you. That was quite straight forward too, until I decided it may be cool that the stones he throws ( Drops ) should detect platforms and bounce around a bit if they hit one.
Not exactly rocket science to get working, but took longer than I'd planned to get it looking nice.

That's about it for today, which seems bugger all really. I've got another flying / stone throwing baddie to do, which hopefully is going to be mainly copy and paste, and then I think 3 more baddies left, so they should be done tomorrow.

The game's really hard now, as on my test level I've got all the baddies tightly squashed in together for easier testing, and I'm looking forward to having some final levels designed that play to the games strengths.


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