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Mochi's first show of the survey figures

I'm sure everyone reading this has already checked this out, but for context and in case you've missed it, Mochi have posted some notes from their casual connect talk including a graph showing some data from the survey they and FGL, NG and others are running ( Check the full article here ).

Am I being naughty reproducing the graph here ? I'm sure I'll get told off if I am and remove it, until then:


( For a bigger version please check out the link to the post on the mochi blog. I'm only posting this here as it's in context ).

These figures are in reply to "How do you make money from Flash games" survey question.

Some interesting figures there. The one that caught my eye most is the number of people who make no revenue. Is that people who haven't made a game yet and therefore have made no revenue from it, or people who value what they do as art and are happy just for people to play it and receive the feedback from gamers without making anything at all, or is it people who's games are so toilet they can only give them away without even dropping some ads in there ?

Also I was surprised that ads are so far in the lead ( Well, semi-surprised, mochi are using this as a tool as well as a data gathering exercise ), but does that show that a lot of games aren't being sponsored ? Obviously it's a lot easier to just drop the ads api in there than to whore round your game, or even use somewhere like FGL who take on a lot of the pain for you.

But what does that mean ? Is there a shortage of sponsor dollars at the moment ? Are sponsors getting more selective, even with games at the lower end of the market ( What was once a $50 game is now not even worth that as you can get a $100 game for $50 now ? ) or is there a large volume of games being released that just are so poor it's not even worth putting them up for sponsorship ? Greedily reskinned tutorials and the like.

Interesting figures, and just a load of questions from me rather than any insightful answers. Perhaps it's too early in the surveys life to be giving more accurate figures ( Such as just over 10% of replies say they make their money from mtx, that seems a very high percentage seeing how few games are using them. I know heyzap are interested in anything in swf format, but even still that seems high ).
Also there is another question in there, about your primary money earning sources in order, which I think will be the surveys money shot, in that should show which areas are the most profitable and should be targeted by devs the most.

I think everyone involved in the survey should be applauded, it's long over due and will help a lot of people having these figures available.

As always if you've got any views on this, don't fear the comments button, it's there for you.


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  • robotJAM

    7/30/2009 8:37:40 PM |

    Kind of misleading graph as it make it look like people make more money off adverts. The problem is with getting all the mochi kids to answer the survey is going to really swing the results to very strange results.

  • Iain

    7/30/2009 10:17:56 PM |

    If you turned the bars into money, the custom development one would be bigger than all the rest put together. unfortunately.

  • charlie

    7/30/2009 11:18:40 PM |

    I took part in that survey, and found it a bit difficult to answer some/many of the questions as it don't fit my work profile.

    I make most of my games money from commissions, and over the last 18 months have made about $25 from Mochi... Admittedly, I've never looked at Mochi as a primary cash source and never worked with it towards making money that way, but it feels to me like it would take a lot of time for a return.

  • Squize

    7/31/2009 12:16:27 AM |

    Yeah, it's the amounts which will be the really interesting stat, but I'm guessing mochi wouldn't want to use that in a presentation showcasing their position ( I think that graph will almost be the opposite way around ).

    Charlie we're the same mate, we do the adver-game thing as unless we write Fancy Sonny Bloons Pants 2 we're not going to make a fraction of what we do being corporate sluts.
    I'd like to think one day that will change, Urby is doing really well, he posted some interesting pie charts a while back on his game poetry blog ( Link in the blogroll over there > ) where he's flipped it on it's head and can make a living doing his own thing.

    That's the dream, but when I can earn more for something like that Prodigy game ( In hourly terms, not overall ) than the Dino Run guys it's not going to happen soon.

  • 8bitjeff

    8/1/2009 5:44:47 AM |


    After a week reviewing about 100 Mochi games, I can tell you full well why the survey skewed toward ads and not sponsorship. There are loads of shit games that get uploaded daily tor Mochi with absolutely no chance to make any sponsorship money.

  • Squize

    8/5/2009 10:54:22 PM |

    I thought that could be the case, but didn't really want to say without knowing any better.

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