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Level plotting hang

We've got an issue with Outpost 2 with the level construction ( We call it "Loading" in-game but we all know that's a lie, we're just plotting things rather than streaming data ).

On the larger levels it takes forever, and on slower machines it could throw up a script taking too long error. I've always assumed it was creating all the objects in Nape, but I thought I should be good and run a little test. Glad I did.

plotFootMap - Elapsed time: 27
plotWallsIntoMap - Elapsed time: 1
plotPath - Elapsed time: 0
plotBackground - Elapsed time: 4621
plotBumpMap - Elapsed time: 1079
getCollisions - Elapsed time: 63
plotShadows - Elapsed time: 2623
plotBatTriggerMap - Elapsed time: 0
getObjects - Elapsed time: 30
getNodes - Elapsed time: 13

I really wasn't expecting that. Without going into it too much, with the plotBackground method we basically use the draw() command to copy 640x640 parts of a movieclip into bitmaps for the entire level.

Bit of a nothingy post I'm afraid, just thought it'd be interesting to share that you can't really make assumptions about code bottle necks ( The two calls which deal with Nape, getCollisions and getObjects are blindingly fast considering how many objects they have to create ).

Now we've identified the problem properly it's just a case of fixing it. The simple part.


So I've split the plotting routines up, and speeded them up slightly, so now the times taken are:

plotFootMap - Elapsed time: 11
plotWallsIntoMap - Elapsed time: 1
plotPath - Elapsed time: 0
plotBackground - Elapsed time: 792
plotBackground - Elapsed time: 748
plotBackground - Elapsed time: 761
plotBackground - Elapsed time: 748
plotBackground - Elapsed time: 774
plotBackground - Elapsed time: 477
plotBumpMap - Elapsed time: 1015
getCollisions - Elapsed time: 60
plotShadows - Elapsed time: 235
plotShadows - Elapsed time: 230
plotShadows - Elapsed time: 449
plotShadows - Elapsed time: 443
plotShadows - Elapsed time: 417
plotShadows - Elapsed time: 275
plotBatTriggerMap - Elapsed time: 1
getObjects - Elapsed time: 35
getNodes - Elapsed time: 14

By splitting them up like that it spreads the load on the CPU so we can drop a simple progress bar in there. Nothing major I know, but it's important to show some sort of feedback instead of letting the player think the game has crashed.


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  • Zedacus

    5/3/2013 7:09:45 PM |

    I haven't checked it yet but I think this may have solved my problem :D

  • Zedacus

    5/3/2013 8:06:59 PM |

    Nice, that really did help, I was able to load up level 4 because I could see that loading bar I knew I still needed to wait. It took like 5 minutes though haha. I played level 4 all the way through again and with the help of that armor, I was able to kill everything this time, before I got on the lift.

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