Gaming Your Way

May contain nuts.

It's not you, it's me.

Oh dear sweet blog, we've been treating you badly for a while now haven't we. Flirting with Facebook and her whore sister Twitter when all along it was you we always felt ourselves with.

Basically I'm trying to apologise about the lack of posts here in forever now. Lot's of stuff has been happening, we've knocked out two adver-games and a website between the two of us ( I don't know if we'll ever link them up, one for vanity reasons, one because it's behind a registration and I don't think we're allowed to take credit for it ).

Also we've been working on Quantic Velocity, twice. It started off as a stage3D game when DN8:Pulse was still in bidding, as there's no way a stage3D game can do badly is there ? Lux and I had a long chat about it, and realised it was pointless pursuing it as DN8:P had done so badly, so we rebooted the project. The new version was going great, until we put corners in the map ( It's basically a top down WipeOut like racer ), which badly broke the AI. I threw a week at it just trying to fix that, and with no joy. I'd coded myself into a corner and just couldn't get out of it. All my passion for the project went, and it was becoming a painful chore. So, that's on hold for now ( It's not ditched, as it was playing really well, it's just that I made a mess of it ).

What are we on now then ? Well it involves the number 2 and Owlmen.

More soon...


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