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It's been forever hasn't it

We've been crunching for weeks now, hence my disappearance from here ( It was nothing you said ).

And in saying that, this is only going to be the shortest of short updates.

We posted a new demo to our Facebook page the other day, and have had some great and really useful feedback, so that was well worth the effort of getting a vertical slice in place.
Level design / build is on-going, just to prove it, here's some level 6 action:

I've literally just finished that level off, hence me having 5 mins to post here.

So we're looking at 3 more levels, all of which are already in some state of development, and the Swarm levels, and that should be nearly it game content wise.

We're getting closer...


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  • Fuego

    8/27/2013 3:55:02 AM |

    Finally, an update from Squize. It's good to see progress is on-going and I look forward to hearing from you and the rest of the gang again. :)

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