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It took a day, what do you expect ?

Chock a Box is live now, here he is: Linkylinklink

Quite fun, quite polished, sold nice and quickly ( And Dom at gamesbutler was a pleasure to deal with, it doesn't get any easier ). You're not going to be playing it for hours, it is what it is.

It's also over at Kong, so if you enjoy reading comments from strangers saying how much a game sucks, then that's your place ( NG too, but the reviewers there aren't as fun any more, they're actually helpful and constructive for the most part. Boring. I much prefer a 13 year old fucktard telling me I can't code for shit and my game is gay ).

That's it, message over.



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  • ImprisonedPride

    4/17/2010 9:54:40 PM |

    I like it. Actually I like it a lot. I used to play Q-Bert a ton when I was younger. The only thing I wish to see is maybe a bit more of a tween between tiles. Right now the box seems to slide from tile to tile. I know it should reflect Q-Bert any more closely, but if the box hopped from tile to tile, it would seem a little better. Excellent for a day's work though, I must admit.

  • Squize

    4/19/2010 3:00:59 PM |

    Yeah I did think about that, but couldn't figure a good way to do it quickly without getting bogged down in it, so I opted to be lazy :)

    Cheers for the feedback mate.

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