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Ionic, the story so far

In between knocking out a Pac Man clone in a couple of days ( Not sure when that's been released, I'll be sure to pimp it when it's out there ), finishing off DAC and still working on the huge never ending Nat-Geo project, I've managed to squeeze some work in on Ionic.


If you've been following the few and far between updates you'll see that there are proper gun turrets in there now, those being of the machine gun variety. I've also nailed down the HUD look & feel, which took a lot longer than I planned.
In essence I'm trying to convey that you're looking at the battle from your monitor ( Possibly on the dreadnought itself, or remotely. I've not decided yet as I've not figured out how to blow up such a huge sprite ) so all the HUD overlays can be CGI looking. I'm trying to make it not look too much like cronusX but still feel like it's in the same universe. It needs that "Not done in Flash" feel.


Lot's of things in this grab. We've got the lazer cannon turrets in there, which pack quite a punch but take ages to reload until you've upgraded them to their max. Also newly added today is the shield. That protects any turret in it's sphere of influence, reducing the baddies shot power to a quarter of what it should be.
Also on here we've got the "Slot menu", a quick way to amend your turret.

Slyly peeking around the corner is your 2nd in command, who pops up to relay information to you, such as when a new upgrade or weapon is available. As the game has a resource management aspect to it, you don't get all the goodies at once, you only start with 3 weapons and no upgrades. The more resources you put into R&D the quicker the new toys become available, but that's at the expense of the other areas of the ship you have to control.
And yes, the 2nd in command does look just like an ODST, placeholder atm.

The UX side of things have had a lot of amends the past couple of days thanks to the guys on the board, and it's feeling a lot more accessible now. There are a couple of annoying bugs, as always, but it's all going in the right direction.
I think next up will be the front-end, which means I've got to figure out what play modes there will be ( Feel free to offer up ideas ) and put the always heart breakingly nasty "More games" button placeholder. For the actual logo I'm thinking 3D text with a sexy bump mapping effect, which should be fun to actually get done.

Once the front end is in place I can actually make it a real game, with a start to play and a Game Over to look at, which is always a great milestone. From there it will be a case of drawing lots of sprites, finishing off the UI and throwing lots of data at it for the attack waves and all the in-game help / info.

Still tons to do, but it's all getting there.


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