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Invaders Must Die

Our new game, "Invaders Must Die", is live today.


Launched to promote the new Prodigy album ( Details here ), it was developed in close conjunction with team MouseBreaker, ipcmedia and the band themselves.
Originally to be hosted on it's also going to be positioned on it's sister sites, including and as part of pimping the new cd ( Out on 23rd of Feb. I've got the album artwork including the track listing here, but that's it, no sneak peeks of any of the other tracks. Can't have it all ).

I think it's fair to say I'll never get a better soundtrack to use for a Flash game, and that it's very surreal cutting up a Prodigy track and been allowed to do it without a care about copyright.

With a very tight turnaround, an idea already in place and the band gigging in Oz has made for an interesting project, and there will be a post mortem about it soon, but for now, let us just enjoy the moment.


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  • Rich Davey

    2/4/2009 10:13:34 PM |

    I've been looking forward to this album for ages, so was pleased to see you guys got the gig for doing this game :) I can't get past Level 4, but it was fun all the same! Hell playing it in Chrome I can't get past Level 1 (it ran so slow in Chrome it was a nightmare, but I think caused by all the other shit on the Mousebreaker page, rather than anything to do with your game). Music was great :)

  • Squize

    2/4/2009 10:37:38 PM |

    Hi mate ( Hopefully this goes some way to show why I've not got back to you yet ).

    Yeah we were over the moon to get this job, I mean, it's The Prodigy. I was saying to Donna tonight that it freaks me out that I remember blaring out Fat of the Land years back ( And recently too, to get in the right frame of mind for doing this. I imagine very few game design docs have been written with Minefields playing as loud as you like ) and now I'm working for them and the band are checking out my game.
    That's just mental.

    It's funny you were finding it difficult, other people have found it far too easy. It's just one of those weird games that people are either great at, or they're not.

    I've not tried it in Chrome either, it's as2 and I've limited the eye-candy as much as I could so it would work well for most people ( Oh, it's not "shit" on the mousebreaker page, it's harmless fluff ( I'm not biting the hand that feeds ) ;) ).

    Thanks for taking the time to play it and comment mate, it always means a lot.

  • Jeff Fulton

    2/5/2009 12:30:45 AM |

    Sweet game, guys. I have always had a soft spot for Prodigy, and these new tracks are jammin'. The game is fun and obviously well coded. I have always wondered the best way to do the "walking up a slope" thing, I have some of my own tile implementations that pre-program and angle (usually 45) in and I rotate the Sprite to simulate, but this game seems to have some varied angles. Anyway, nice job.

  • ickydime

    2/5/2009 7:10:51 AM |

    Great work man.  Love the style.

    I agreed with Rich for awhile, in that I couldn't get past level 4... but since some people said it was too easy I had to figure out the trick.  I think its right around or just past level 4 in which you can get rapid fire.  Once you have that you can cruise fairly easily.  You still get some hectic moments, but if you focus on just the top row of enemies or just the bottom row then you can get pretty far...  probably doesn't translate to a high score tho...

    Anyways, was fun to experiment and play.  Great work, I enjoyed it.  And congrats on such a sweet project.  

  • Tronster

    2/5/2009 2:14:03 PM |

    Interesting game; good Moonpatrol type mechanic, but with better music.  

    A note, the game doesn't appear to come up in Opera on your link.

  • Squize

    2/6/2009 11:36:18 AM |

    Cheers Jeff.

    For the slope walking, you can either figure out which tile the player sprite is on and then it's distance into that sprite, and set your y position from that ( That's how I did it in the Landfill of Doom platformer ). Or... you can use shaped based hitTest like I did in this game :)

    Sometimes you need to be quick and dirty. That also helps when coding at times too.

    Thanks icky mate, good to see you having enough time to get back here again. Yep, in terms of gameplay it either clicks and you get it, or you struggle with it.
    Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for the good words.

    Tronster, this game has better music than anything mate ;)
    Someone else said the game wasn't working correctly with that link ( I'll flag it up to mousebreaker ), so I used a different one when I posted the game to FlashKit only for the very first poster to dig me out for linking to a page with more ads. I'm sure I could say something about not being able to win, but...

    Thanks everyone for taking the time to give the game a bash and to provide your always great feedback, cheers

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