Gaming Your Way

May contain nuts.

"I'll be the judge of that!"

That's what I said when our mate ickydime asked if I was interested in judging games as part of Stanford University's 2011 Hackathon.

It's great promoting a cause like this, although to quote from the above link, "an all-star cast of judges!" is pushing things a little too far in terms of spin with my involvment.

There are prizes and some lovely game pimping on offer, more of which can be found again on ickydime's blog ( And here ) and fellow judge Iain has posted some source for you to be getting on with.

We're not a big lover of comps, they bring the cynic out in us, but this one is for a great cause rather than just trying to get a lot of content for next to nothing, so lets support it as much as we can, blog and tweet it kids and lets raise some awareness.



PS. It goes without saying that as a judge I'm there to be bought, and I'm cheap. Basically buy me a couple of drinks and some smokes and that Master suite is yours.
PPS. Before that comes back to bite me badly, I am obviously joking.
PPPS. Or am I ?
PPPPS. Why ? Why do I have to make things more complicated for myself by talking crap. Thanks in advance for any bribes, but I can't accept them no matter how good they are.

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