Gaming Your Way

May contain nuts.

I want to fly like an eagle ...

... Let my spirit carry me.

So this is the third game (yes, I know, there are currently only two (including this one), but it seems that Squize didn't post yesterday ... shish!)

You surely remember the time when you just walked up the diving platform, stood on the highest one and did a somersault, backwards ...
... and you surely noticed that each year you thought about "what can go wrong" a bit more.

Well, after a certain point you forget about the risks and you go hang gliding, High Jinx in our case or short HJ.



Distance is the key to get your blood flowing again, and of course you have to do some resource management to get as far as possible.

After all I enoyed doing HJ, hope you enjoy plaing it.

2 games left ...


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