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Howdy stranger ...

Just on a quick sidenote:


Law of the West has finally been released to the public.

And as I'm a sponsor slut now ... go play it on newgrounds (and while you there ... vote, damnit :) )

Oh, well, better than gathering virtual dust on my hdd, I guess.


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  • Rich

    5/20/2008 9:27:15 AM |

    I really liked it. It's a nice remake, although I did find a few interface issues (for example clicking "How to Play" and then going into the game didn't stop the main menu music, the resulting overlap sounding so bad I had to restart the game :) Also I didn't realise you could only go left/right when all the doors were closed, and I actually thought the keyboard input was broken so tried clicking the left/right text instead and shot someone by mistake :)

    All in all it was good though. Shame some of the Newgrounds reviews are as clueless as ever, but I know you don't let that bother you :) Still can't wait for your pinball game!

  • nGFX

    5/20/2008 10:44:09 AM |

    Darn, that one must have slipped me, fixed, updated.

    and cheers, nGFX

  • Jeff Fulton

    5/22/2008 7:58:50 PM |

    Great game, nice presentation, very professional. I excpected nothing less. I can't wait for the pinball version =)

  • Jeff Fulton

    5/23/2008 6:44:26 PM |

    By the way, what a great idea to have the LOTW game AND an freaking pin machine version also. That brings me back to the old arcade days!

  • Squize

    5/26/2008 6:56:00 PM |

    Ha, cheers mate. Between just the two of us, it was more a way of reducing the cost of producing assets rather than some grand design vision :)

  • Andrew

    6/3/2008 6:25:52 PM |

    Yes its a good game!
    The fonts used looks like those in lucky luke. keep up the good work.

    Andrews /

  • kdsh7

    6/3/2008 9:03:07 PM |

    Just had a quick blast and really enjoyed it! I will agree with that guy on Newgrounds though and say it does play so much better with keyboard and, maybe newbies will see the cursor on the screen and think that maybe they're supposed to use both sets of controls. A control method toggle icon could help prevent confusion for those who didn't bother to read the manual?

    Have I said how gorgeous it looks? Oh I have. But it is. It's Gorgeous.

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