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Ho, Ho, Ho.

Merry Christmas everyone!

At this time of year we'd just like to thank you, all our beautiful constant readers and our sexy newer visitors, for helping make this blog what it is. Without you we'd just be talking to ourselves, and I'm no doctor, but that's got to be a bit mental hasn't it ?

So thanks a lot for keeping us sane, it means a lot to us.

Turkey, tv, unwanted gifts, eating until your eyes bleed, visiting relatives when you just want to play on the xbox, something about the little baby Jesus, a big fat man breaking into your house in the middle of the night, paranoia that you can smell burning every time you turn the tree lights on, getting a card from someone at the 11th hour when there's just no way you can get one back to them on time, wrapping presents far too late and making a really bad job of it, having to spend Christmas with relatives and their weird not the way your family does it rules ( "We don't open the presents til after lunch" ), it's just all good isn't it.

Have a great one,

Squize & nGFX

(ps. edited by nGFX):
So Squize was done with posting a good deal earlier than me, so instead of having a second post I decided to add to this one...

If you're not quite so much into Christmas (like me, although, only the stress before it spoils it for me as early as November) here's my usual:

Happy Hogswatchday!

"ER...HO. HO. HO."
-- Death makes a career move (Terry Pratchett, Hogfather)

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  • flashGameMaker

    12/25/2008 2:11:00 PM |

    Merry Christmas to both of you :)

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