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AWESOME! Our new great game, Destroy all Cars, is live! WOW!


Play this GREAT physics based smash 'em up right now! Featuring 25 levels of AWESOMENESS with 12 selectable cars to smash. This is super fun, if you're 8 or 88!


Unlock all the liveries for each car as you SMASH through the levels! Go on, create MAYHEM on 4 wheels!


* Worst. Blog. Post. Ever.

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  • Squize

    10/22/2009 8:01:11 AM |

    Thanks for giving it a go for a few minutes Madison.

    I am the developer, and I won't be working on it anymore, so I guess it'll have to stay just under ok :)

    It is actually been updated for achievements, but another developer is stuck with that task, as it wasn't really cost effective for us to do it ( Beta system, multiple versions etc. just leads to a massive headache ).

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