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Enough about you, lets talk about me

I have an inherent dislike of self indulgent blog posts, the whole "I'm not feeling well today" thing.

I've found twitter takes this part of a blogging to it's natural extreme. "I've just been out to buy some tea bags" kind of pointless, mindless, please have an interest in me and my life crap.

Well check my hypocrisy out, here's what my twitter post would be today:

"Gave up smoking Monday. Hate everything right now. Haven't got a civil tongue in my head, so not posting until I'm less of a cock".

Sorry to everyone who I owe emails to, but I really can't write more than 4 words without them turning into some sort of nasty rant for no real reason so it's best I go to ground until I stop wanting to burn down the whole world.
Normal service will resume as soon as my brain fully understands that I don't want to smoke any more and so stops thinking about it every waking second.


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  • Jeff Fulton

    11/19/2008 7:29:08 PM |

    >>I've just been out to buy some tea bags<<

    I think in general, Tea Bagging and tea bags might be the subject for a completely different type of blog.

    BTW, the game state (by changing the reference to the current active function) idea you gave me is wondrous. It is so simple and elegant that I working it into my new basic game framework. Credit will go where credit is due, obviously.

  • Squize

    11/23/2008 10:24:31 AM |

    I'm glad the state machine stuff was good for you mate, as soon as I'm feeling more in touch with myself ( The cravings have dropped right off today and yesterday thankfully ) I'll do a proper blog post about it.

    As to the whole tea bagging thing, see how badly messed up my brain has been ? Normally I would have been all over that, so to speak :)

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