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Don't Panic ? How wrong you were Mr.Adams

A brief update from me is long overdue.

So where are we with a week to the deadline ? Feeling like we need two weeks before the deadline.

Souper Bowl is coming along well. It's basically Tapper, but in a soup kitchen. I managed to knock the majority of the game engine out in a day which I was really pleased about, and since then it's been a case of skinning it up, fixing bugs and tweaking the gameplay.
There's one minor gameplay addition to add, and aside from the sounds / remaining visuals / love it's done. Hopefully tonight will see the end of it aside from an hour here and there, and it'll be great to get the first one down and out of the way.

Olli's game is coming along well. The core engine has been complete for a while now ( Even to the stage where he can post code :) ), but we've had issues with the gameplay. It's a pretty original concept, and for a while we thought it was nailed but just lacking visually and sonically and once those were in place it'd all come good. After a lot of chats with the client and standing back from it a bit, we've realised it wasn't there at all.
So Olli's throw a load of new ideas at it which are working really well. It's much closer to the vision I had in my head of how it would play now ( If only that vision had been clearer at the start ).

The w/end is going to be spent sourcing soundfx ( Which I do actually enjoy ) and working on the controller movie which holds everything together. At present it loads and triggers the games, handles the game over etc. but it needs a lot of work throwing at it. Just today we came up with the idea of tooltips within the games just to help people along, and the controller will have to handle these too ( As all the text is translatable, it's better to just have one movie deal with it all and saves each game having to load in their own specific xml file with the text in ).

Lot's and lot's to do. Hopefully Monday's post will be a nice gloaty one where everything is done. Not going to happen, but let me hold on to the dream for a little while.


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