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Don't die on me now, not now!

I think all devs have had that scare. The one where they've deleted a file they shouldn't have. The one where their router died on the day they need to send the most important email ever. Vista fucking up big time.

This story is about the latter.

I was installing Visual Studio yesterday, and there were some updates to .net, the kind where you need a reboot and then Vista tells you how it's all going. My gfx card crapped out mid install ( Of VS, the updates were ready and waiting ) and reset the machine.
Hope no files got corrupted there.
As the box booted back up Vista let me know the progress of the updates, but hang on, 3/3 seems to be stuck at 0%. For a very long time. Ah, and it's rebooted without actually finishing.
Never mind, it'll just reboot and sort itself out.
Imagine my delight when the same thing happened. Over and over and over again. Not ideal. Fired up the installation disc, chose the repair start-up option ( Which it actually offered up to me, Vista knew something was wrong and wasn't ashamed of it ), reboot and... 3/3 0% reset.

Ok, let's try a different option, let's just boot up in safe mode. 3/3 0% reset. Safe mode with networking. 3/3 0% reset. Last good config boot ? Fucking hell. Fired up google on the mac[Book Pro. Yeah after paying £2k for it, I'm going to mention it at every opportunity ) and found that microsoft have the solution in their knowledge base. Seems it wasn't the crash that did it, it would have happened anyway.

Idea #1 was to use the repair start up option. Hmmm
Idea #2 was to boot in safe mode... Cosmic

Although the rest of idea #2 was sound, use a restore point. There were a couple just before the crash, so job done, hurray I can get back to my massive crunch of having to do another 4 games by the 15th of this month.

Restoring, restoring. All good. All good until it came up with a file error. It seems some files did get corrupted during the crash, the files being the restore points. God, is this revenge for all the shitty things I say ? Is karma that instant and that brutal ?

Idea #3 looked complicated, and it's boiling hot here and I want the easy option damn it. I want things how they used to be between us.

The easy option ( In my head at least ) was to install vista on a blank HD and then see if I can't fix the issue from windows on the 2nd drive. Installing Vista is like watching paint dry so I didn't have the most fun day yesterday as you can imagine.
Right, finally installed lets see what I can do... that's odd, windows has just hung again after a couple of minutes use. It never rains and all that. Let's try again. And again. And again. Fuck me.

Idea #3 it is then.

I finally got everything back up and running a couple of hours ago, so that's a day and a half wasted.

Do you ever read a blog, and think "What a waste of time, there's nothing I can take away from that, it's just someone bitching about something I couldn't care less about" ?
Yeah, me too.


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  • bas

    6/2/2009 8:02:19 PM |

    #4: Use windows 7 until march next year. Installs in 15 minutes. And it's much better than Vista.

    The other day I started a collection of portable apps. All stuffed in one directory and ready to use without the hassle of setups. Installation on a thumb drive is cool too: I've got my FlashDevelop + Flex SDK ready to run on any machine.

    And, no, I don't feel it's a waste of time to read someones misery, I seize the opportunity to show you I'm a smartass :-)

  • Squize

    6/2/2009 9:15:16 PM |

    lol, you seized that with both hands mate :)

    I've heard lots of good things about windows7, I'm just scared to have a timed beta on my dev machine.

  • bas

    6/3/2009 6:41:52 AM |

    At least you know when it's going to die on you. Vista is a timed beta that will expire without prior notice.

    ( Yeah, I know, I'll shut up now... Just felt the need to share my hate of Vista )

  • tonypa

    6/4/2009 4:59:39 PM |

    I have had Windows (XP) die on .net update once so it taught me to avoid .net.

    Other thing that killed my Windows was Flash CS4, so again, I wont try it again.

    On Win7, I would like to try it too but I wont sacrifice the machine I need and other comp is pretty crap and old, I have doubts it will update from XP there.

  • ickydime

    6/5/2009 3:54:31 AM |

    I've written plenty about how much CS4 crashes and pisses me off... however, after their recent update it has been much much much better.  As I type this, I know I am completely jinxing myself and I am going to be crashing left and right tomorrow.   but for now, I have yet to have a crash since that update.

    as for Vista... I can't defend that.

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