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Did you know...

That we've started hosting some of our games ?

It's something I started a while back and had to break off from as work / Unity / real life got in the way.

Here's some links:

Chimbo's Quest


Loved Up

[Update] Virus

There are a lot more to come ( I had a count up the other week, and including the puzzle game that I gave that huge spoiler away with on the last post, I'll have finished 82 games. We won't be able to host all the games 'cause there's a lot that I don't own the copyright too, but there's a fair few we can ).

Also as a historical ego trip I found my first ever Flash game that actually did something. It was my entry for a retro comp on ( That never amounted to anything, mine was the only entry ) and is a remake of the c64 shooter, Delta ( It uses a "mod player" on the title screen, but due to Flash's sound being broken on Vista it sounds dog rough. My apologies to Rob Hubbard for making his music sound like poo ).
It's just the first 3 levels, doing a really anal accurate port is hellish.


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  • Jeff Fulton

    5/14/2009 5:05:10 PM |

    Wow, Delta, is sweet! I remember playing that game and you did a magnificent port (in AS1, MX I presume!!).
    Where does one find a Flash Mod player that would play in AS1? (or AS2 and 3 for that matter?)

  • Squize

    5/18/2009 1:21:15 PM |

    Yeah as1, possibly Flash5 rather than MX. wow.

    My mod player was only called that in the loosest sense, in that it had 3 "voices" and each one looped through an array of samples.

    There is a HaXe mod player, link escapes me atm I'm afraid, that I think bypasses the whole onComplete / Vista issue by pre-calcing the whole mod into a wav at runtime.
    I don't know if there's an as3 version yet, or if you can just include it as a swc ( Which would be handy ).

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