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Dear Spammers

We're like everyone else, we love a bit of attention. It's good for the ego, and good for the soul.

But spammers, your attention is a little like that slightly smelly and always drunk uncle that you'd only meet at weddings. The uncle who it wasn't 'til years later you realised was a little bit too touchy feely.

That's right spammers, I'm equating you to a made up story about being touched up by a relative as a child. That's how we see your attention. Deep down inside flattering ( It all counts ), but in every other way, as unwelcome as molestation.

Our comments are moderated, we get fired off an email every time we get one, and to be honest, we're getting a bit sick of getting emails with links to your products. It's nice that you start off all friendly and un-spam like, just like our imaginary uncle in so many ways.

So do us a quick favour, to save us reading emails we really don't want to read, and then deleting comments which really shouldn't be there, how about you move onto the next blog ?
I'm sure some of our readers are interested in low cost loans, but I'm guessing they're not going to get one via a link in a comment on a blog that prides itself in being 70% swear words.

You may have nothing better to do to build up your web empire, I mean I imagine you get a huge kick back for every loan which is taken up, but we're bored of clicking delete.

We're cool yeah ? No hard feelings ? We'd just prefer it if you'd fuck off. Thanks then, take care, bye.


PS. I know I'm just talking to myself, but it really helps some times. Give it a go if you've got a blog, you'll feel much better that you've vented.

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  • tweenOut

    7/30/2009 3:07:21 AM |

    I just want to say AMEN!

    I hate spammers. I have had to put several different spam blockers on my blog to stop it.

  • Squize

    7/30/2009 11:12:24 AM |

    We've currently got a "We have to approve your post" thing going on, which I guess you've seen, which is a real pain in the arse and not something we want at all.

    I find it puts people off posting, and then there's the whole "I wrote 'shit' in my comment, I wonder if it'll be knocked back 'cause of that" worry for people who write like they speak, like I do.

    Hopefully we'll have a non-moderated, non having to read jumbled up nasty text that you can never read first time, solution soon.

  • Ryan

    7/30/2009 2:17:00 PM |

    Hey Squize, I know you don't use wordpress and all, but I'm not sure how your CMS runs so I thought I'd suggest some plugins that seems to work (at least decently) for wordpress. I use WP-SpamFree to keep comment spam at bay, and so far it's been working great (over 10,000 spammers blocked, or at least that's what it tells me).

    Others prefer Askimet, and there is also something called reCaptcha ( that is supposed to be fairly good. I don't know if any of these are possible with your CMS, but I thought I'd throw out some suggestions. Also, you could just make it so comments with one link or more must be moderated.

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