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Dear diary

Thought it may be a nice idea to do a bit of a diary thing on here for the current game under development. I'm not sure how long I'll stick with it, but let's hope it's fun whilst it lasts.

The new game ( Let's just call it "Another NDA protected game" for the time being ) is based on the Toxic platform engine for the platformer thats still dragging on behind the scenes.
So getting the basics in there and running was nice and easy, strip the odd asset here, remove the odd class there and it's up and running. At present it's still a bit bloaty ( 1.7 meg swf ) but there's more to come out of it, including a lot of sfx.

As this is a themed game, for Valentines, it's a boy chases girls heart premise, based in a vertically scrolling platform world. Bubble Bobble and it's sequel, Rainbow Islands, have been strong inspirations for this project.

K so it was started last Monday, and we've got the title screen / loading screen / pause screen and game over screens in place. The first baddie took his first steps yesterday, just a nice and simple back and forth bad guy.
Last Friday I was tied up installing Eclipse etc. on a new machine ( I'm office bound til the end of June, so all the joy of travelling in London, and none of the getting up whenever I like that was the beauty of freelancing at home ) so I got very little done, but made a start on the shooting ( Hearts, what else ).
Yesterday after the baddie was put in there it was then time to enable you to shoot him, which worked a treat. The longer you hold down the fire button the bigger your shot. Little shots just stop him in his tracks, but if you save up a max shot you can trap him in a heart.
From there a collision routine was added to test for pushing the heart ( Using a couple of nice and simple circle-2-circle checks ) and a further one for jumping on the heart, which will make you jump that little bit higher.

( A core feature of the game will be to trap baddies, move them whilst encased in a heart, and then jump on them to reach those out of the way platforms / collectables )

Today so far has been spent giving the bullets a range. We came up with the issue of the lower powered shots just stunning the baddies, and then in theory the player could just sit there shooting the crap out of one baddie to earn a hi-score. Ok, you'd have to be pretty anal to do it, but it does happen ( Some people just love seeing their name in lights on a hs-table ), so we've decided that the more powerful the shot the shorter it travels before floating upwards and exploding ( In a shower of hearts naturally ).
Joy of joys first time of testing I stood on a platform beneath a baddie and fired a big shot, for it to rise up and trap the baddie above me. Things like that never ever work first time.

It's not really fixed the problem of anal gamers just shooting away, it's just opened more game play avenues. We're thinking it'd be cool that if after x number of shots the baddie mutated, like in the old Mr Do! games for anyone as old as me, so that's what the rest of today is going to be spent on, making the cute baddie Panda a nasty sod when he gets angry.

Hopefully more tomorrow.


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