Gaming Your Way

May contain nuts.


Today was the start of the level select, never one of my favourite things to code to be honest.


As you can see we've got a flowchart kinda thing going on there. The plan is that going down the different branches lets you evolve in different ways, so some may make your ship faster at the cost of shields, others will give you a certain weapon type etc.

That's about it really. By putting this in place and having the first node clickable I can make a start on the actual game tomorrow. I'm painfully linear when it comes to coding, I like to develop a game in the order you'd actually see it. It gives me a chance to dwell on what I actually want in there and nailing the title screens look & feel early gives me some focus.

Maybe more tomorrow if there's anything worth showing, I think this post is pushing against the door of pointless, so if there's nothing of interest I'll keep it to myself ( Or rather post it on Twitter / Facebook, as that's what those places are for ).


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