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Best. Effect. Ever.

After not wanting this blog to be just a linky one, I've just got to show this, although I imagine a ton of you will have seen it already.



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  • ImprisonedPride

    3/7/2008 8:24:30 PM |

    Her eyes are really big and scare me. She looks more alien than human...

    I can't imagine the number of different frames that had to generate to pull this off though, considering she still smiles and everything even when looking in any direction...

    Is there some trick to this I'm missing?

  • Squize

    3/8/2008 12:19:55 PM |

    I'm really not sure how they've done it, at first I thought it was something similar to this:

    Then thought it was lot's of layered mc's which give the sense of depth ( I've not got an example to hand, but I remember token3 was playing with that effect years ago ). So basically slices of the image that move at different speeds which creates the sense of depth.
    If it's not that, then I suppose it's just an ultra high poly object done via Papervision / Sandy / etc.

  • Michael

    3/10/2008 12:25:32 PM |

    ...I've not got an example to hand, but I remember token3 was playing with that effect years ago )...

    Oh, Mr Squize.. you still remember me? :)
    Good find

  • Vex

    3/11/2008 4:45:15 PM |

    This stuffs been around for a while, check out for more details.

    Apparently they create a 3D model from just the one photo... Impressive stuff.

  • Squize

    3/22/2008 12:19:59 PM |

    dylesid, thanks for the link mate. That's quite a simplistic effect, and I think different from the one I linked too, but it still looks really great ( Also imagine the guys who were filmed for it, "What did you do in work today ?" "Oh just the usual, carried a huge cursor around for an hour" ).

    Mike, as if I could ever forget you mate, I've still got the scars :)
    What you up to ? I'm guessing not Flash and doing something more grown up.

    Vex too! This is like a friends reunited get together :)

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