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Another one that got away

As a game studio, we find a percentage of job leads fall through. It's not 'cause we're bad, or too expensive, or just plain cocks. It's just the nature of the business.

Sometimes we turn work down ourselves because of numerous reasons. I don't think we're unique in any of the above, it just happens this way sometimes.

We were asked a couple of months ago if we wanted to work on one of the best IP's you could ever get to work with ( Roughly around the same time we were involved with some other great IP, the very definition of classic retro gaming, but that one fell through too ), but unfortunately for various reasons it wasn't to be.

Seems it's live ( Although I believe in beta ? ), and it goes by the name of PlaySega.


Is this a huge game company showing it's belief in Flash gaming as the long touted future of casual gaming, or is it the desperate thrashing around of a dying giant looking for cheap way to target it's brands ? Is it even both ?

Anyway Sega understands Flash exists for more than navigation, and there is an official Sonic game in Flash ( That's the one that got away... ), so it's all got to be positive. Right ?


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  • Jeff Fulton

    12/10/2008 6:47:10 PM |

    The "other" one really was a pisser, wasn't it!  I still have the engine I wrote for Supercars and and going to do something with it some time.

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